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All of our experiences are made up of our thoughts. They are the images that we hold frequently in the manifestation container that we call our mind.

The reason that so many of us have been moved to a call to action right now is because the current state of affairs of our third dimensional outcomes which are occurring to bring our planet to the 5th dimensional being.

As Lightworkers we want change

A desire that we express, especially during the holidays and in planetary hard times, is that we would like “Peace.” But this term “Peace” is misconstrued with the belief that it means no conflict.

Conflict is a protracted disturbance. Constant conflict brings forth change. Peace does not mean no conflict. The origin of the word peace comes from “Shalom: nothing missing, nothing broken.” Peace does not mean that there is no longer any conflict among humanity. Conflict is bound to happen.

“The only realistic method to keep peace is through spiritual dialogue.” -Dalai Lama

As we discuss and ponder our spiritual awakening processes together, our perspective of ourselves and each other will change.

Peace starts when you realize that nothing is missing in you; nothing is broken in you. As you hold this truth consistently in your thoughts and in your words, it will be reflected in your actions. Which will merge into your beliefs of yourself and the people closest to you and eventually expand to reflect throughout the world.

To turn the other cheek is not for you to offer the other side of your face, so that it too can be hurt. Turning the other cheek is for your abuser to see themselves in you.

Behold the essence of you that I hold within me. Now feel the pain, destruction, which you thought that you were only doing to me, which in fact, you do to yourself as well. Your mind, your body, your spirit is mine as well. For when one thinks that they are destroying another; they are actually bringing destruction upon themself.

Be the change that you want to see in the world.

We could never obtain peace in the outer world if we do not obtain peace within ourselves.

The goal is not to ignore the pain and destruction that currently exists. The goal is to understand the power you possess to change what exists.

Each moment thought has the potential to bring incredible awakening or incredible damage. Only a foolish person believes that their thoughts, words, and actions have no outcome in the world that they live in. The destruction and joy we see in this world started in our mind, yesterday.

A tree’s lifeline is its roots; change the roots, you change the tree.

The culture of a nation lives off its people. Change the heart of the people the culture of a nation will follow.

An important and powerful way for us to find peace within is to hold space for sacred self care. Take a soothing bath, or take time for meditation and prayer.

Or book a complimentary call with me to discuss one of my energy work sessions to go deeper into your self care practice.


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