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is an Intuitive Counselor and Spiritual Developer. She helps women who feel called to become a healer, a spiritual guide or teacher. As a gifted energy worker and healer, she bridges the physical world with the spiritual world and teaches you how to connect. Mija is here to be your real live spirit guide and help you move into the next phase of your journey. She specializes in Akashic Record reading, Reiki, Aura Cleansing, Tantra and Oracular Healing. Mija has a corporate background prior to fulfilling her soul’s calling and is a wife and mother of two children.


is a Spiritual Healer who helps people through STR who feel stuck in a rut in various areas of life like relationship issues, career transitions, illness, spiritual development, etc. Lora connects with her clients' higher self to help clear energetic blockages improve emotional and physical health and find more fulfillment in their life.




is a Spiritual Healer that specializes in ancestral and generational healing and soul contract negotiations. With an emphasis on Yoruba healing modalities, Shannon has integrated many of her spiritual gifts from her ancestral line and works directly with her Yoruba Ancestors and Teachers in her healing work


Returning to Our True Nature of Oneness

At Soul Ascending, Mija and her team believe in the power of unity and supporting each other in our growth and ascension. We are having a collective experience on Earth and the spiritual work we do is rooted in that connection. We are here to support one another in fulfilling our higher purpose.

Everything is interconnected. Science has proven that everything is energy and everything vibrates. What we think, say, do and believe has an effect on others and the universe around us. This interconnectedness is powerful and when we unite with intention our results are amplified.



Instead of the individualistic value system of the Western world, we believe in the sisterhood of community and building a tribe where we learn, teach and grow together creating a synergy that uplifts us all. Instead of competition, we believe that every human being offers something unique and there is room for us all in this world of infinite abundance.



We are guided by Esoteric Philosophy and Universal Law. We believe that we are the masters of our Universe and our work seeks for a deeper understanding of the Self, the world and the cosmos. Our goal is to empower women to fully embody the authentic truth of their Higher Self.