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Each of us perform a role in this play of ever-expanding Universal Superconsciousness. Some also call it a matrix. Whether you are performing your role with full knowledge of it or not, doesn’t matter. We are all in this world at this time, in this realm, filling a role.

So it is.

Those who are awakened understand that there is a Universal Superconsciousness – God – Source Energy – The Almighty Creator – Odulermeia (whatever you call the ultimate supreme). It is alive in every aspect of life and ever-expanding. Every experience, incident, and situation is part of the Divine matrix of reality, a play of some sort.

The theme of this play is expansion for Superconsciousness to experience all aspects of life. Or another way of saying it; the general code of this matrix is to expand and experience all aspects of life.

This idea may be challenging for individuals that still operate in a polarized framework, or rather, those who are preoccupied with the concept of good vs. evil.

Please, no judgement here. We must respect the process. All of us have different views and aspects of life. We have varying truths.

That being said, no-one is right or wrong in their views or their beliefs, which are their truths. Nor is anyone the enemy.

So when someone experiences hate, fear, jealousy and any other lower energy emotions, it is generally the outcome of a lack of understanding of their role in this play or matrix.

However, it’s hard to respect a process that is not understood or even in some cases known to exist. And that’s ok. That too is part of the process of the Superconsciousness / God desiring to experience all aspects of life.

We all have soul contracts that we agreed to play. Your role is generated (or agreed upon) based on your soul family of origin. This is also known as the Monad.

Be aware that we all have Divine Energy within us and we are all playing a role in the universal purpose of reflecting the superconsciousness.

So, I challenge you:

Expand your thinking and see yourself within one another. Know that your sister or brother has a role in this Universal Superconsciousness as well, and we all live in this realm, together.

Respect the process, no matter how different another’s views and beliefs may be. This is the main concept of loving one another. That doesn’t mean to be compliant to what is occurring in your life and in the world. I am not saying to just lay back and take it.


The challenge has to do with understanding why you are moved by another’s views that differ from yours, or by an event, situation, or actions based on a group’s collective truth.

Could it be that it’s your ego, or the other’s ego? An entitlement that one is superior or inferior? Ego perpetuates the illusion of one or any being as separate from the Universal Superconsciousness / God.

If it is an entitlement of your ego that moves you to judge the other, do you feel the nudge to learn how to check your ego? Or is this your soul’s role in this play? Have you fully developed the antagonist character in this play? Or are you ready to climax and change your role by checking your ego?

If you find yourself moved in this way, maybe it's time.

Or could it be fear that has moved you to be bothered or be reactive to another’s view, belief, actions or truth that is different than yours? Fear is also a concept that perpetuates the illusion of being separate from the Universal Superconsciousness/God.

If it's fear⏤if your soul’s role is to play the victim in this play⏤are you ready to fully lean into your fear to explore the unknown role of another that is also part of this matrix?

Or are you moved by pain that another’s truth that is different from yours is bringing up?

Pain is past and present unprocessed energy that is being held and causing individual, generational or systemic trauma.

If pain is the case, is it time for you to take a stand and fully embody the protagonist's role in this play and give a voice to this unprocessed energy so you (and we collectively) can release this energy?

Would you have felt the movement of your ego⏤superiority/inferiority, fear/pain⏤without the presentation of the situation, event, or views that differ from your beliefs, ideas and concepts?

Probably not.

So, could it be possible that these events, situations, beliefs, and truths that are different from yours could be part of the Universal Superconsciousness expansion process of experiencing all aspects of life?

If that’s the case, lean into your feelings. Analyze and understand them. Learn from them how to play your role in this Universal Superconsciousness play – matrix – life.

You may say: “I don’t feel any of this, my feelings are more anger, or I have no feelings at all about the situations and events that are different from my truths and beliefs.”

If that’s the case, I would say that those are secondary feelings.

There are only two main feelings and everything else falls in the spectrum of these two and that is: love or fear.

Think about that. Which one are you operating in?

If it's in the fear spectrum, lean into those feelings. Analyze and understand them and learn from them on how to play your role.

If you're in the love spectrum, lean into that as well. What are you doing to help your brothers and sisters that are in the fear spectrum?

I challenge you to no longer take the background role in this play.

Help with the expansion.

Remember your Mondad – your soul family crescent.

If you don’t understand the process or certain concepts discussed here, reach out to me. I would love to work with you in your spiritual development of remembering who you are and your Divine capabilities.


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