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Love is talked about A LOT. Everywhere you turn, the topic of love comes up. How many movies or songs have you seen and heard about finding your soul mate? Finding the ideal mate seems to be important in our society. Many of us are concerned with human love.

Human love has lost the true meaning of love. We use this word until it's lost its essence.

True love is Divine Love, and it's our universal purpose to experience and operate in Divine Love. It's through Divine Love expansion occurs. I am not just talking about Agape Love – the Love from GOD. I am also talking about Love as an energetic force.

Divine Love can only be realized if you’ve become one with the very stream of love, with the River of Universal Life.

Whether you are aware or not, Divine Love is all you'll ever want. You might think your desire is for human love, prosperity, social status, or something else, when in actuality, behind all these manifestations, there is your Higher-Self calling you from a distance. And that is Divine Love.

The most significant experience a person can encounter is their unity with the Divine. That's perfect love, the only kind of love we are truly looking for.

You may be wondering, "How do I experience this type of love?" First, you need to understand your Divinity. And this is what I help people do.


One of the fundamental characteristics of Divine love is that it has an undercurrent to transcend itself. It moves in the flow of creation.

Divine love holds an enormous power of attraction. It's also a balancing force that brings harmony inside us and the other people around us, with Nature, and with God SOURCE ENERGY.

Divine love seeks no object to express itself. It's here for the entire universe, just like the Sun emanates its warm, loving rays on anything and everything. The Sun doesn't need any particular object to direct its rays toward, nor does it require our gratitude in return for its loving rays.

Divine love is unconditional. It has no need to control. It is not tied to human reactions.


Let's talk about the contrast between Divine Love and human love. Human love is possessive. It is directed toward an object of our love, usually another person. This type of love steps out of the River of Life and puts an end to the process of our transcendence. Human love demands to receive human love back.

How do you know when you are operating in human love?

Human love is never self-sufficient. This type of love has certain conditions that are required for expression. For example, some people say that they love a person, but that love is only based on whether that person makes them feel good or whether they’re monogamous or other conditions. If something is unable to be independent of another, it cannot be Divine because it's based on separation, duality, conditions, and limitations.

Divine love has no limitations, no conditioning, and it is not dependent.

When we discover and fully understand the Divine, we'll be able to see ourselves as who we indeed are, as well as others, and love them as we love ourselves.


If you don't have a partner and desire to have one, or you're in a relationship, but it's not fulfilling, the following will help you prepare yourself for the Divine Love experience. For you must first experience the Divine within you to experience it with another person.

There are three things that hold you back from experiencing Divine Love in your life.

  1. Condemnation/Judgement – for either yourself or others

  2. Resentment

  3. Unforgiveness

And all three of these things are rooted in fear.

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casteth out fear; because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. -John 4:18

I use four fundamental questions as guidance to help my clients experience Divine Love-centered relationships. Work through these questions and see where you land.

  1. Do you love yourself? I mean really love yourself. Knowing this answer will help you to work on #2. (When you work with me we would do several different exercises and skill sets to master this question. One of these skill sets is tantra. I am a Tantra teacher, and tantra is more than sex. Tantra is the Highest form of worshiping GOD SOURCE ENERGY.)

  2. What do you want in a mate, and why? Dig deep and be specific beyond the superficial reasons.

  3. Why are the characteristics noted in your answer in #2 important?

  4. Do you emanate these features? If the answer is no go back and start at #1 again.

Working through these lists is a process that requires honesty and working with the Shadow Self to uncover and integrate the parts of you that have been hidden. It is a crucial part of your spiritual awakening and will enable the full embodiment of your Divine Higher Self.

If you would like to go deeper into your spiritual work to experience Divine Love and work with the Shadow Self, contact me. As a Spiritual Developer, I am here to help guide you.


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