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Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Whether you call yourself a lightworker or healer or not, you are constantly doing energy work.

Whether you call yourself a lightworker or healer or not, you are constantly doing energy work.

Have you ever walked into a room and noticed that the room feels uncomfortable or the energy of the room feels heavy? Or have you ever walked into a room and it seemed like everybody brightened up because you walked in or you felt good when you walked into the room?

That's energy.

We do energy work every time we hug someone. Whether we mean to or not. Even if we're doing it casually to just be cordial. Sometimes with family members we just hug each other, kiss each other or give each other a high five without putting in the thought that we're transferring energy.

Everytime we touch someone or go into the atmosphere, aura or space of someone we’re doing energy work.

So I ask you, what are you bringing in? What are you shifting when you come into these places? What are you calling forth to be elevated?

Think about that, because I want you to understand the power that you hold within you. Every time that you say a word, that is energy that you are releasing to the people that are hearing you, to the people that are feeling you.

As empaths we say that we feel everybody's energy. What are you doing with that? Are you transmuting it or are you holding it within yourself?

Transmutation is so important because even though I'm telling you how empowered you are and that you are⏤dare I say⏤mini Gods, you still need to transmute the negative energy that you may be taking in as an empath to the Divine. So it can be recycled.

With the knowledge of your power that I'm sharing with you, will you take more conscious effort and conscious thought about shifting the energy that you give out to people? I challenge you to do so.

I understand that we all have bad days and things happen. But do you take the time to recalibrate and to fill yourself up with the Divine love from God Source energy so that you have enough to pour out into people?

These are things that we need to think about because the only way that we're going to change this Universe and change the dynamics of the life that we are living, is by being very conscious of our co-creating abilities. Stop being laissez-faire, whatever happens, happens... or believing it's someone else that's doing this to me and playing the victim role.

Instead play a power role. Understand what you are able to do because energy, generally speaking, is the writer and the creator in materialization. It's the blueprint of materialization. Everything you put forth vibrates in a certain way which manifests into something that you are creating with your mouth and with the energy that is coming out of your heart.

Every time you talk to somebody you are either raising their vibration or you are lowering their vibration. So when you communicate with people, be conscious of that.

I'm not saying to fake it, if you are in a bad mood you may have to ask your sister or your brother, "I need help, I need to shift my energy." I know it's a humbling thing to ask people to help you, but there is such power in seeing the Divine in someone else like you have seen the Divine in yourself.


When you understand the Law of Oneness you will understand that conversations and events are all interconnected. It's part of the Divine work. It's part of God's expansion of experiencing and feeling things through you. So I'm not suggesting that if you feel bad or if you have a low vibration energy day that you should change it before you communicate with people. I'm saying for you to just notice where you're at.

Acknowledge the power that you have and know that the conversation or the atmosphere and the energy is all connected to you right now. Weather at the high, medium or low frequency. Just understand the healing that you are putting out in the world. All of us are healers. All of us have the ability to transform the energy of individuals that are connected to us. Be more conscious of this.

This is one of the main points of the Law of Oneness⏤beholding the God in each and every one of us. First it starts with ourselves, knowing that we are God-like. We are able to change the things in our lives. And then see how you can change the things in other people's lives around you.

So this means that you can't be walking around as if you have no control of the situation, because you do. Everything you do has an effect. And owning it is the key. Can you own it? Most people can't. Most people are unable to see that they are the cause of the things that are occurring in their life. They are the ones who are producing the energy to make things occur in their life.

The existence of everything is tied into energy. That energy is coming from you, me, us, the collective. That is the Law of Oneness. We can have feelings of joy and bliss and love. And we can make it permeate in every action that we take. But it starts with a conscious decision. And most of us don't want to take that.

But I believe you do. I believe that you want to take those steps in trying to be more conscious of what you are giving out. And if it is negative then why is it negative? Everything has a reason to it. Just acknowledge the reason.


We often fight and struggle to achieve our desires and most of it is because we don't understand the energy that is connected to it. We simply don't understand who we really are. We are unlimited beings. The limits are based on our self-understanding.

So I have an experiment: try to find out who you are and why you are here. Look behind your eyes and have some type of awareness, put attention on your beingness. When you think of your beingness, can you find your location of Who You Are? Do you understand your boundaries? Or your lack of boundaries?

Generally speaking you cannot answer these questions because you are everywhere and nowhere at the same time. You are one with every person that you meet and with every person that you see. You are limitless.

The answer to your problems is to see who has the problem in the first place. Meaning, the answer to any type of problem is to really understand that the problem actually doesn't exist. This requires one of the most fundamental shifts in perspective.

It is understanding that you are a body existing in this world but your awareness is outside of your body.

You are a spiritual being having a physical experience.

You are a spiritual being, meaning you are made of energy (an energy being) having a physical experience. This is why I say that we are all energy workers, because the essence of our Self is energy. If you can understand this shift and identify yourself as an energy being or a spiritual being you will no longer own the pain in your body.

For example, I hear people say, “I have…” and they name a disease and they own that disease. But your true self (your energy self) doesn't own that. The energy body doesn't have that disease. It's the physical body and the physical body is not who you truly are.

There's a big difference in being physical. Every event that happens you label as happening to you versus if you are an energy being it is something that you are observing. It's something that you are just kind of flowing through.

Energy constantly flows. When it doesn't flow it becomes destructive and can harm the physical body that the energy being is housed in. So that is where dis-ease (disease) comes in because there is not the ease of energy flowing through the body.


We have chakras. You are probably aware of chakras. These are energy portals. Most of us only know about seven but we have so many all over our bodies. These are portals of energy that we pick up from other people and that we transmute from other people.

We have chakras in our hands and we have chakras that are outside of the seven main linear chakras in-line with the spine. And when we touch someone or when we go into a room, those are the portals that give out the energy that we are feeling and receiving⏤the energy from other people that are around us.

You can envision it like tentacles all over your body. Try to consciously think about what you're giving out and what you’re putting in.

When you understand that you are boundless because you are an energy being, you live in a sense of pureness, able to attract what your physical being would like in your life. And you're also able to give out healing to others who are not fully understanding that there is no limit to their living.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to learn more and read my book Attracting Your Life: Discovering Your Greatness. I go more into how to reprogram your thoughts and unlock your potential so you can use your energy to manifest the life you want.


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