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None of us could have imagined the year we had ahead of us as we celebrated the stroke of Midnight last December 31st. The dawn of a new decade...the hope and excitement of new beginnings as we embarked upon our resolutions for the year…it was great while it lasted.

And then COVID hit.

Everything changed. We’ve been surfing the waves of uncertainty ever since. And while we’ve made adjustments in our lives to adapt, the outer world has been getting increasingly more chaotic with each passing month.

Many different scenarios are playing out in peoples’ lives. There is a very profound dichotomy at present. While many people are struggling and suffering, there is a completely different strata of people who are leveling up and thriving.

So what’s the secret that those who are thriving have tapped into?

They have learned to find strength in uncertain times by resourcing their inner strength to stay anchored to their connection with Higher Intelligence.

The people who are thriving right now are embodying their authentic self, their soul. They have tapped into their soul’s guidance and are fulfilling their life purpose which creates an innate source of happiness.

Whatever unfolds on the world stage is not something we are able to control, therefore it lacks stability. So in order for us to resource stability and peace in our lives we must rely on ourselves.

Your happiness is not dependent on your outer reality, it is your inner reality that dictates your emotional state.

Everything we need to be fulfilled exists inside of us. The answers to all the big questions in life are all accessible through an inner dialog with your heart--the gateway to your Higher Self (or your soul). And it has ALL the answers for you.

We all have an innate ability to connect with this Higher Intelligence. We’re literally hardwired for it! But we were never taught this in school and so most people don’t even know that this energy is available to them.

All you have to do is ask. Hold space. And listen.

You may not get an answer right away. In-fact, it’s likely you won’t (especially if you’ve never done this before). The Higher Self is in direct communication with your body, so if you are holding energy that needs to be cleared, that is what will come up first.

That is okay. It’s perfect actually. It’s a blessing.

It’s exactly what you need. And it’s what will lead you to where your authentic self wants to go.

All of the energetic sludge that we carry around is what is standing in the way of our happiness and fulfillment. It is these unresolved feelings that keep us stuck in suffering and separated from our authentic self and unable to connect to our soul.

But once we engage in the experience of holding space for the cleansing and clearing, we learn to let the emotions flow through us. We learn to keep ourselves clear so we can be clear channels to receive guidance from our soul.

These times we are experiencing now is the Universe giving us a collective nudge to pause and do the inner soul searching and learn to connect to our inner world.

As a collective we have become too comfortable in relying on the outer world to keep us happy and fulfilled. Such that we have forgotten what we have access to inside our own hearts.

The good news is that you have the power to shift and thrive in a world of suffering and chaos, as long as you have the will to do so. Your Higher Self IS that power. All you have to do is connect to it.

So take time to yourself. Hold space. Place your hands on your heart. Put your focus there and breathe into it with the intention of connecting with your soul. And see what unfolds.

If you are unable to achieve the results you desire on your own, I can help. Book a call and let’s see if an Akashic Reading or Intuitive Counseling is right for you.


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