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 Energy Work


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Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words and means “Universal life energy.” During a reiki session, the practitioner moves life force energy through your body to remove energetic blockages, balance your energy and restore flow. Reiki is a holistic treatment that addresses the body, emotions, mind, and spirit.

The many benefits of reiki include: relief of stress and anxiety, pain relief, eases muscle tension, strengthens the immune system, deep relaxation, and peace of mind and body.


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Clearing works with the subconscious mind and allows access to your high self committee. As we work with your high self committee, your High Self comes through and helps to find the negative programming that needs to be cleared for you to grow. High Self is a conduit to SPIRIT. As your high self comes through the subconscious mind, the subconscious mind is also in charge of muscle movements. Through questioning, I navigate to clear all discordant programming.


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Your Ancestors are part of you long after they have passed on. The subtle energy that vibrates in your DNA holds memories of your Ancestors pain or trauma once lived. You might find yourself questioning why you have certain thoughts or emotions, why you feel pain in your hips or have constant headaches or backaches? What we have discovered is during a Ancestral and Generational Healing session, people become lighter, happier and release the pain they're carrying related to their ancestors.


(remote only)

Akashic is the Sanskrit word for the Ultimate Void. Everything in existence is born from the Void. The Akashic Records are a memory bank of all human knowledge, past, present, and future. It exists on the etheric plane. It’s also referred to as the “Book of Life.” An Akashic Record Reading gives you a glimpse into the book of your life. 

Your reading is based on the questions you ask and can be anything from career, health, relationships, finance, and life purpose. The information that comes through may be general or specific and sometimes includes instructions for releasing energetic blocks and healing trauma so you can regain balance, wholeness, and your sense of personal truth. Many people experience a profound sense of transformation, integration, and balance after an Akashic reading.

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